Randy DeGraw Woodwork

Randy DeGraw Woodwork


I really enjoy designing and building furniture. What makes this even more for-filling is collaborating with my clients about the design and materials to be used. The end result is the creation of a piece of furniture that utilises all the character and strengths of the timber to suit the client’s needs and application.

I was told by a client recently that he thought of me as a ‘modern day furniture maker with an artisans approach’ Using the tools of today to bring out the natural beauty of the timber while at the same time creating furniture with artistic flair.

As a hobby, my first series of furniture was salvaging beautifully weathered grey boards from old barns in Michigan.  It was not until my move to Australia in 1982 that a stack of Fraser Island Satinay beams bolted me into my first woodworking business, ‘Creations In Time; Commissions soon followed after winning my first art award.

Although I make furniture in a variety of styles, my preferred choice is still utilising the timbers natural edge to emphasise the organic nature of each piece. An exciting day is when I get to work with Huon Pine or highly figured burls to create something that was merely an idea the day before.

The integration of different materials can be part of any project. Gemstones, leather and glass are just a few things that can transform a simple object into a complex statement of colour and design.  All of which makes each new project an individual challenge to savour. 

Sharing what I do sustains my passion for creating furniture and art. Woodworking is not just what I do, it is an expression of who I am. Weather it’s making a simple box, timber plantation shutters, or a board room table, every project I undertake provides the opportunity to create a lasting memento.  Building it clean,strong and elegant to provide pleasure and value for generations.

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Randy DeGraw

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Watch the big leveller in action as I transform 3 Red Gum Burl slabs into a dining table to seat10 people. The faults in the top will become features, by creating a Platypus pond, a river of 24ct gold and an opal field crossing the centre of the table. Be advised, Please turn the sound off during routering, the noise can be annoying. Sorry about that.

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